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Honorable Sirs/Madams,

There are other manufacturers producing electronic dictionaries and claiming they contain the printed Atlas dictionaries.

These claims are not substantiated, and these electronic dictionaries are of unknown source as concerns their content, and information.

We strongly warn our users all over the Arab world that the publishing houses owning the famous Atlas dictionaries copyrights made by the said honorable professors is the only party entitled to the copyrights of these dictionaries.

The company has entered into an exclusive contract with Innovations Co. for the purpose of manufacturing the different models of the original electronic dictionaries under one and only one brand name; the "Expert Dictionary".

Atlas Publishing House or Altas Publishing and Media Production shall not be responsible for any other dictionaries not bearing this trade mark, and containing other unauthorized information of unknown source even if these devices are in any way comparable either in their names or outer appearance to our devices.

Therefore, we warn our users of purchasing any device not bearing the "Expert Dictionary" trade mark as being an Atlas dictionary.